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A registered sex offender and stain on humanity was shot, but unfortunately, not killed, after breaking into a North Carolina home this week.

WITN reported that Tyrell L. Johnson, 38, entered an Elizabeth City home through the backdoor at about 6:30 a.m. Friday, whereupon the owner of the residence was obliged to immediately shoot two strategically placed holes in Johnson’s body.

According to authorities, Johnson then drove himself to the hospital and regrettably arrived before bleeding out.  

There is no word on the suspect’s current condition or pending charges; however, hopes are high from the community that Johnson will contract a severe staph infection before fully recovering.

Johnson registered as a sex offender after a 2008 conviction and was released from prison in August of 2017, proving once again that so-called “rehabilitation” of convicted sex offenders is a waste of prison space and taxpayer resources. Far better to put the animals down upon their conviction and redirect those funds to discovering a cure for that most vicious disease, which plagues all of humanity: liberalism.

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